The Infinity Hybrid Aqua Drops are a Liquid Brow Stain. They offer 2 treatments in 1 Bolder, Better Brows. They provide coloration for 6 weeks on your clients brows. 

The Aqua Hybrid Drops are longer lasting and work by staining the skin as well as the brow hairs to create a deeper, more realistic result. Aqua drops not only create fuller, bolder brows, its ground breaking Henna-free 53 Peptide Bond builder formula treats, protects and repairs the brow hairs during the tinting, 2 incredible treatments in 1!

Not only is this tint safe to use after our Elleebana Brow Lamination service, it also treats the hair as it tints. This treatment is Vegan and animal cruelty free and is sure to wow your clients!

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